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Legal Considerations for Summer Camps 2020

By Tiffany Donaldson, Esq. April 12, 2020 Operating a camp is fraught with legal risk, it always has been. However, summer camps that open this year will face new legal concerns stemming from the potential spread of the Coronavirus. Camps can work to protect themselves from lawsuits related to the spread of COVID-19 by taking the following steps: ...

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Summer Camp 2020?

By Tiffany Donaldson, Esq. April 11, 2020. Packing that bag. Getting on the bus. Heading off to a summer full of possibility. As the summer draws near, camps and campers alike are asking the same question: Will camps be open? Currently, most Americans are under Executive Order to stay home. “Non-essential” businesses are shuttered. But as infection numbers start to drop and the economy moves toward a breaking point, there are clear signs that the intense restrictions will be at least slightly lifted this summer - leaving the possibility for some version of summer camp to survive. ...

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New York Minimum Wage Increases

Minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (such as one with a labor union). There is a federal minimum wage and a state minimum wage. Minimum wage rates can differ based on industry, region and business size. The state minimum wage controls if greater than federal. Current, federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour. See U.S. Department of Labor,Topic,Wages(last visited November 15, 2019). New York’s state minimum wages exceed the federal minimum and even more changes are coming in 2020. The Chart at the following link, provided by New York Department of State, shows 2019 and 2020...

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Are You Compliant? NY Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws are Now in Effect

Changes to the Anti-Sexual Harassment laws in NY State are now in effect. What does this mean to Employers operating in NY State? All NY State Employers are now required to: Adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy that meets or exceeds the State’s Model Policy and provide it to all employees. Adopt a Complaint Form that meets or exceeds the Model Form and provide it to all Employees as part of the Policy. Provide annual training to each employee on how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. Set up a compliant internal sexual harassment reporting process. Not to be outdone by...

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Prepare for Changes to “Exempt” Employee Status

Under the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), overtime is required to be paid to most employees who work over 40 hours a week, unless such persons fit the rules for "exemption." There are many FLSA exemptions, which will be the topic of another article. For more information on FLSA categorizations please visit their website.In NYC, there is a minimum salary that must be paid to persons whom an employer wants to classify as “Exempt.” Remember, "Exempt" means the employee is not paid for hours worked over 40. This minimum salary is called the "Salaried Minimum Wage." The Salaried Minimum...

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Avoid An Ugly Holiday Sweater for Your Business

We aim to lead in each practice and area of law we work in. Coming from in-depth understanding of the law and the industry, capitalizing on extensive experience, we provide hands-on advice that speaks the language of our client’s business. Whether in aviation, sales and distribution, antitrust, corporate and M&A, finance, employment, energy, IP, litigation, TMT, real estate, or any other area of law, our clients can expect excellence and commitment to their objectives. Ensuring the operational functioning of the organisation, the development of external relations, management of press relations and constant communication with the press....

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Don’t Get Taken By The Grinch – Upcoming Tax Deadlines

Every business must complete its 2017 tax-year filings in the coming months or be subject to penalties. Even pass-through entities are required to file accountings. Do not do your taxes alone. Contact your trusted tax advisor. If you need a referral, contact Donaldson Legal Counseling PLLC at counsel@dcesq.com or (301) 332-2354. Here are upcoming tax deadlines: Federal Entity Due Date Filing Employers January 31, 2018 Give Employees Copies of Their Form W2 Give Non-Employees Their Form 1099 C Corporation April 17, 2018* Form 1120, U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return S Corporation & LLC that elected S Corp. March 15, 2018 Form 1120-S, U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation LLC (Partnership) March 15, 2018 Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership...

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