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Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

New York State, New York City, and California now required employees to take annual Sexual Harassment Training. We provide this annual training live online on a monthly basis. We also offer live training events, and we will come to your office to train groups of 10 or more.

New York State and New York City Sexual Harassment Training

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This is an annual training required as of 2019. All employees of any employer in New York State, no matter the size of the employer, are required to take this training. Anyone receiving a W2 is required to take this training. This includes owners of corporations who work for their corporations as an employee.

We offer both employee level and manager/owner level training. All courses satisfy all NYS and NYC annual Training Requirements. A certificate is provided upon completion to all attendees.

The Employee Course Covers:

What is Sexual Harassment?

Who Can Be Sexually Harassed?

How to report Harassment

What is the definition of the “workplace”

What to do as a Bystander

The Manager/Owner Course Covers:

New obligations imposed on owners and managers by New York State and New York City

How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace

How to set up a compliant internal sexual harassment reporting process

Required response process to a claim of Sexual Harassment

Steps needed to train staff, including materials and resources & More

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